Perfect for the collection phase of Getting Things Done®, The Viira Outlook Suite's In-Basket holds all tasks and email messages that haven't been assigned a project, context or day yet.

The BlackBerry client's In-Basket is where you will find:

  • Unassigned tasks: tasks that have not been classified in any project, context or day.
  • Unassigned email messages: similarly, email messages without a project, context and day will appear here.
  • BlackBerry tasks. The tasks created in your BlackBerry's Tasks application will appear in your In-Basket and wait for assignment.
  • Outlook tasks. Tasks created in Outlook outside of the Viira Outlook Suite, after synchronization from Outlook.

The In-Basket in the BlackBerry client can also be invoked with the ALT+I keyboard shortcut. The Outlook plugin has an In-Basket with parallel capabilities.

The Viira Outlook Suite BlackBerry client In-Basket holds all tasks awaiting further assignment by project, context or day.

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