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Getting things done has never been easier! Viira's comprehensive feature set maximizes the power of your BlackBerry while helping you apply the principles of Getting Things Done® with ease.

Here are some of the ways in which Viira can help you stay organized and productive:

  • Stay on top of your Inbox: Create tasks based on email messages and classify them right away in your GTD system.
  • Projects, Contexts: Built in support for all key elements of GTD.
  • Your Day At a Glance: Assign a day to your tasks and view your complete day's schedule in Viira's Day View.
  • Next Actions: Easily assign the next action for each project, context or day.
  • Touchscreen support Owners of a BlackBerry Torch or Storm can navigate Viira's views by using the touchscreen.
  • Delegate: Delegate a project or context by email; send it to yourself for printing, review or archiving.
  • Shortcuts: Become a GTD power user with Viira's shortcuts. Perform the most frequent actions with a click of a button.
  • SMS Tasks: Add, organize text messages in your BlackBerry GTD system. Never let important information transmitted via SMS slipt through the cracks!
  • Action Links: Embed actionable links in you Viira tasks! Viira automatically detects and highlights phone numbers, email addresses and website links. Call, send an email or view a link by simply clicking on it!
  • Appointments: Add events and appointments to your GTD system.
  • Always On: No active internet connection is required so your GTD habbits don't need to end with your wireless coverage.
  • And more You can read about Viira's full feature set from here.

Viira is a snap to install and use on your BlackBerry and works on all BlackBerry devices. Get the free trial today and see for yourself what Viira can do!

GTD on BlackBerry: Free Trial

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