Day View: Your Day At A Glance

The Viira Outlook Suite BlackBerry client's Day View lets you view your day's commitments at a glance: everything from appointments, email tasks, events, reminders and taks for that day is right in front of you on one screen. In addition, the Day View enables the implementation of a key concept in GTD: day tasks.

With your Day View you can:

  • Plan your day from one convenient place. You will never again have to switch between applications to stay organized!
  • Appointments seamlessly synchronize with your BlackBerry calendar.
  • Create tasks, appointments and reminders for any given day.
  • Overdue tasks appear in red to remind you of yesterday's unfinished tasks.
  • Next Actions: Use the Volume Up and Volume Down keys to order your tasks for the day.
  • Overdue Task area shows all tasks from previous days that have not been completed yet.
The Day View shows your day at a glance.
The BlackBerry client's appointments seamlessly synchronize with your BlackBerry Calendar.