The Viira Outlook Suite BlackBerry Client Shortcuts

Speed and ease of use is critical for any productivity system, and Getting Things Done® is no different. In a dynamic, rapidly changing environment being able to quickly and effectively leverage your trusted GTD system can be critical.

You can quickly navigate between the BlackBerry client's 5 main views by using the following shortcuts:

The most frequently-used actions are also accessible through convenient shortcuts throughout the application

  • ALT+N creates a new task. In Projects View and Contexts View ALT+N creates a new project or context, respectively.
  • ALT+A creates a new appointment.
  • VolumeDown moves a task or an appointment one position down in the task list for a given project, context and day as well as in Tasks View.
  • VolumeUp moves a task or an appointment one position up the list of tasks. Lets you assign Next Actions quickly.
  • SPACE toggles a task or an appointments as complete/not complete.
  • DELETE prompts for the deletion of the item you have selected.
  • ENTER opens the selected item.

Day View Shortcuts

The Viira Outlook Suite BlackBerry client also offers a few shortcuts that make revewing your day's commitments in Viira's Day View even faster. The shortcuts are on consecutive keys on your keyboard for faster and more intuitive navigation.

  • ALT-J Navigates to the Previous Day in Day View.
  • ALT-K Navigates to Today.
  • ALT-L Opens the Next Day.
The Viira Outlook Suite BlackBerry client shortcuts enable you perform common tasks quickly.
Shortcuts are available throughout the BlackBerry client, including Projects View, Contexts View and Day View.

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