Add SMS Messages To Your GTD System

The Viira Outlook Suite enables you to incorporate text messages into your portable GTD® system. Never let important information send via SMS slip through the cracks!

With the Viira Outlook Suite you can:

  • Create a SMS task directly from your BlackBerry Inbox.
  • Immediately classify it in your GTD system.
  • Assign an SMS task to a project or context.
  • Give an SMS task a day and see it in the Day View.
  • SMS tasks get synced with Outlook, just like any other taks.
  • View an embedded summary of the text message from the BlackBerry client.
  • Click "View Contact" to view the sender's contact information in your Address Book (if available).
  • Reply directly from the within the BlackBerry client! Simply click on the Reply button to launch the SMS editor.

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