The Viira Outlook Add-In

The Viira Outlook Add-In offers a professional, intuitive and effective solution for Getting Things Done® with Microsoft Outlook and your BlackBerry or Android smartphone (and soon iOS). The add-in integrates tightly with your Outlook environment and synchronizes wirelessly over the cloud to provide you with seamless access to your GTD organizational system from anywhere.

The Viira Outlook Add-In is fully compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2003 through 2016.


Organize and group releated tasks with ease. Like all other elements of the suite's personal GTD system, projects get synced with the BlackBerry client.


The Viira Outlook plugin has built-in support for GTD-style contexts - there is no need for 'hacks'. Any task can be assigned to multiple contexts and you can organize your emails, contact and memo tasks by context as well.

Day View: Your Day At-A-Glance

View your day at a glance: all your tasks, commitments, reminders and emails tasks conveninetly located in one place for review and further organization. Overdue tasks appear separately and in red.


To help with the collection phase of GTD, your In-Basket collects all new or unassigned tasks. The In-Basket displays your Outlook and BlackBerry tasks as well.

Your Email Organized

You can create an email task by right-clicking an email and selecting "Create Viira Task". Email tasks maintain a link to the original email making it easy to view the email later on. You can find all your email tasks in the Email Tasks tab.

Contact Tasks

To create a contact task simply right-click a contact and select "Create Viira Task". Contact tasks maintain a link to the associated contact allowing you to view the contact's card with a single click. You can find all your contact tasks in the Contact Tasks tab

Easy Launch, Shortcut Buttons

On MS Outlook 2010 through 2016 you can access the Viira Outlook Add-In directly from the Home tab ribbon. Shortcut buttons let you create an email task or a contact task directly from your inbox and contacts, respectively.

...and more! Get the free trial and see how the Viira Outlook Suite can help you leverage the power of Outlook and your BlackBerry to stay organized and get things done!

Get Viira Outlook Suite for BlackBerry OS 5 through 7 (e.g. BlackBerry Bold, Torch)

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