Email In Your GTD® System

Organize your email and stay on top of your communications like never before. With the Viira Outlook Suite you can add email messages to your portable GTD system from both your BlackBerry or Outlook. Never forget to review or reply to another important message!

With the Viira Outlook suite you can:

  • Create an email task directly from your BlackBerry's Inbox and immediately classify it in your GTD system.
  • Assign an email task to a project or context.
  • Email tasks synchronize between your BlackBerry and Outlook. Create an email task from one, review from the other.
  • Give an email task a day and see it in the BlackBerry client's Day View.
  • The email tasks carries a summary of the email and can be viewed from Outlook.
  • Click "View Contact" to pull the sender's contact information from your Address Book (if available).
The Viira Outlook Suite integrates with your BlackBerry Messages application.
The Email Tasks carry a summary of the original email and can be viewed from Outlook.

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